Mobile 2-factor authentication as secure as a SIM card

  • Same certifiable security as a SIM card
  • No hardware or SIM needed
  • Simplifying the ecosystem
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Secure & simple authentication:

1 Push notification

Click on the push notification to open the app.

2 Approve with PIN

Verify the details of the other party and enter your PIN

Authentication successful

qKey: Token provider

qKey is a specialist token innovator, not an identity provider. We develop and offer highly secure tokens to identity providers for banks, governments and enterprises.

Integrate our token into your portfolio

  • Email
  • Call +31 (0)8 80220440
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Live demo

Live demo available of the new user experienced that our back-end technology enables.

Major customer roll-out

One of qKey's customers is preparing a major roll-out of qKey's secure mobile token to millions of users.

Level of Assurance 4 certified

One of qKey's customers has received ETSI TS 101 456 certification on its identity process with qKey as mobile token.